Products Molds for Tires

We manufacture and provide molds using advanced 3D design techniques and precision casting technologies.

Tread Rings and Sectors for Tire Molds

Aluminum Dies for Tire Molds / 5-Axis Machining of Models for Tire Molds

We make intricately designed models by applying CAD, CAM, and 5-axis machining center to manufacture tread rings and sectors for tire molds of aluminum alloy.

We have an extended track record for producing molds for large tires, including tires for construction vehicles.

Advanced Precision Casting Technologies

Casting Simulation Image

Tires must be perfectly round to ensure the safe, comfortable travel of automobiles, construction vehicles, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

We draw on our advanced precision casting technologies to produce molds that ensure the consistent manufacture of perfectly round tires. Our molds for tires are widely used across the industry.

We also use casting simulations and proprietary design techniques to produce high quality molds free of casting defects in various sizes.

Rapid Fabrication of Master Models with Complex Shapes

Manufacturing a mold for a tire requires creating a master model that allows accurate reproduction of complex tire shapes.

Based on customer-supplied data, we can rapidly create master models of complex shapes using our customized CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software and simultaneous 5-axis machining center (numerically controlled auto-processing machine tool).

Turning Center (manufactured by O-M Ltd., three units owned)

Turning Center

We operate three turning centers for machining tire molds. We're capable of meeting our customers' delivery requirements, even during the busiest times of the year.


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