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We manufacture and provide molds using advanced 3D design techniques and precision casting technologies.

Molds for Plastic Injection

3D Design / Mold for Automotive Door, Movable Side

We've installed optimum systems for each manufacturing process to make use of 3D data. We make the most of our design techniques and processing technologies in mold manufacture to better meet customer needs like quality, cost, and delivery timeframe.

NGK Fine Molds operates overseas manufacturing and maintenance bases and is well positioned to procure parts and materials locally. In particular, we offer experience with automobile interior parts and can deliver all the interior parts needed for an entire product series.


3D CAD Design
CAE Analysis
Machining Simulation

We use high-end CAD systems including NX (UG) and CATIA and complementary systems to ensure high quality data processing at the design and machining stages.

Some items can be manufactured using original 3D data; others require converting 3D data to 2D data for processing. We've established our manufacturing systems in alignment with QCD policy (i.e., high quality, reasonable cost, and precise delivery). The systems are flexibly configured and continually improving.

Supported data: DXF, IGES, STEP, NX, CATIA, and others


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