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We provide a comprehensive parts lineup, ranging from small parts that require high dimensional accuracy to large parts.

Large Parts Processing

Molds for Plastic Injection: Insert Parts Processing

Molds for Die Casting: Insert Parts Processing

Our plastic injection mold factory produces large molds. Backed by extensive experience and a track record in large mold production, we manufacture molds for door trims, bumpers, and special lens parts for automobiles.

Precision Parts Processing

Precision Connectors

Precision Parts

We're an ideal source for connectors and electronic camera parts that require high dimensional accuracy.

We manufacture nano-precision parts of complex shapes by making the most of our high-accuracy NC and EDM equipment.

Round Parts Processing

Center Pins, Core Pins

Special Order Round Parts

We use an NC lathe, multi-tasking lathe, machining center, EMD, wire-cut EMD, and external cylindrical grinding machine to manufacture various rounded parts in shapes ranging from simple to complex.

Mechanical Parts Processing

Shaped Slide Parts

Slide Parts

Using general-purpose and high-precision NC machine tools, we manufacture a broad range of mechanical parts.

We can produce parts based on 2D or 3D data to respond to the specific structural requirements of our customers.

Mold Bases and Plates, All Processing

Mold Bases (for Standard Molds)
Pocket Machining and Finishing
Movable Side Machining

We manufacture and supply simple round shapes, as well as complex round shapes, using an NC lathe, multi-tasking machine, machining center, EDM, wire-cut EDM, and external cylindrical grinding machine.

Special Steel Insert Blocks and Large Plates

Special Steel Insert Blocks, All Types of Materials, All Sizes

Large Plates

We supply all types of steel in a wide range of customer-specified dimensions. These products meet a range of required tolerances, and orders are rapidly filled.


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