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Beryllium copper to support High-Cycle Molding

Cycle time reduction with excellent thermal conductivity of beryllium copper

Thermal conductivity : 3~7 times that of steel.

Cycle time reduction

S50C 60sec. on cooling. / ULTRA 30sec. on cooling.
Steel (S50C) / Beryllium Copper (ULTRA)
Comparing the beryllium copper mold and the steel mold, it is shorten 10 seconds on heating and 30seconds on cooling. As a result, the cycle time has been reduced 40 seconds.

Quality improvement

Steel(S50C):8mm / Beryllium Copper (ULTRA):4mm

Comparing the beryllium copper mold and the steel mold, the deformation is improved from 8mm to 4mm.

Quick and uniform cooling prevents deformation and sink mark of injection moldings.

In particular, it is effective to use beryllium copper in areas that can easily store heat, such as thick walls, ribs, and tips.

High wear resistance

Wear resistance evaluation by peeling test(vs GRP30%)

In recent years, it is also used for resin molding such as glass-filled engineering plastics that require wear resistance.

Normal plating and coating are also possible, but if you need longer life, please try NGK-DG coat which is NGK original technology.

Mold design proposal

Introduction example in thermal analysis

We provide beryllium copper with excellent thermal conductivity and wear resistance not only as mold material but also insert dies and mold parts to support high-cycle molding.

We propose optimal mold design and manufacture using beryllium copper material based on extensive CAE thermal analysis and knowhow accumulated over many years.


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